We have been working with LAMPUGA ever since it hit the market as one of the first electric surf boards.



The original LAMPUGA company was actualy the first company that manufactured an electrik surf board!

Back then the avarage run time of an electric surf boards (e.g. RADINN, ONEAN, and others) was approx only 15 min.

Continiousely backed by strong investors LAMPUGA improved the LAMPUGA AIR step by step. THe 2. Generation LAMPUGA AIR was introduced in 2019 with newest features:


  • an exchangable battery
  • state of the art battery plug & play system
  • the battery meets the higest GERMAN/ indistries safty standards
  • a modular design, in order to enable a user to exchange the modules
  • redesigned ultra durable drop stitch inflatable hull
  • improved remote control


We have been following the LAMPUGA AIR evolution and were able to test the proto types / improved models on Mallorca, and on IBIZA.

2019/2020 LAMPUGA contracted TOYMASTER to test the first new LAMPUGA AIR from pre-serial production in so called Heavy Duty TROPICAL CONDITION TEST in Thailand.

Well, we can confirm that the test was positive! LAMPUGA was able to improve some details and has offered in summer season 2020 the new LAMPUGA AIR to clients and even rental stations.     

Besides this impressive consistent evolution of the product LAMPUGA proved to be a sustainable manufacturer and is eager to esablish a proper distribution system that is based on local deealers with best local support.  


LAMPUGA Advantages and pricing

The LAMPUGA AIR consists of a patented inflatable heavy duty hull that connects to a so called POWERBOX.

The powerbox contains a powerfull jet drive and holds the extraordinary well designed battery.

The battery has a very convenient carriing handle and is made from marine grade aluminum , in order to dispose the heat and protect the valuable battery from any envirounmental or phisical impact.

The board can inflated litteraly in 2 minutes and is then ready to go!

When finished you simply deflate it and flap the hull over the powerbox, reducing the size mote than in half!

Now you can transport the LAMPUGA AIR safe in a car trunck or stow it away.

LAMPUGA AIR supports also heavy riders (up to 100 KG) and still offers a decent ride time at awesome speed.

The LAMPUGA AIR concept requirers the rider, while accelarating, to shift its weight forward, in order to reach fast planing mode.

Once this is understood, the board is very fast and lot's of fun! When planing, the rider can shift weight back to the aft part, reduce the throttle a bit (without loosing actualy speed), and shift weight like a surfer in a wave. The double (plug & play) fins will enable sharp turns. You can hop over the waves without loosing control. Bumping into something will be forgiven by the inflatable hull,

Price is acceptable 13,299€ (incl.VAT).

There are boards on the market that cost a bit less, but you can not compare any board to a LAMPUGA AIR!

With LAMPUGA you purchase MADE in GERMANY. In a lot of aspecs the LAMPUGA AIR reflects German engeneering and craftmanship. Truly unique is the inflatable hull.